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I love hats. If you, too, hang your hat on the peg only to put on another one, then another, and another, then you and I might have something in common. 
My favorite hat is the one I wear always--as mommy and wife, but I also manage to balance some others as well—as a free-lance writer, teacher, artist, dramatist, farmer, adventurer, deep-thinker and lover of God, people and life. My articles have been published in magazines and online.  I taught high school English, speech, drama and journalism for ten years before starting a second career as a teacher of early childhood music and movement for WeJoySing and as a teaching artist for the Canton Player’s Guild.  My home is a small farm in the Stark County area, where I live with my husband and two children.  I like to camp, hike, water or snow ski, sing, and play guitar.  I’m very content to spend time alone reading, writing, praying, listening to music (or making it), but I also enjoy hanging out with friends, family, and the youth at The Chapel in North Canton.     My favorite genre of writing is creative non-fiction.  I love composing narratives about real life…so filled with drama, intrigue, and best of all, humor.  Is there any better inspiration?  My children have grown up with a writer-mama, and they are good sports about that.  I owe them much gratitude for allowing their stories to be told, both in past and in future articles…here at Patch.com.    I look forward to sharing stories:  hearing yours, telling mine, sharing our collective stories, along with information that will help us grow as parents and as people.  It’s one more hat to add to the collection.   
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