Critter Corner: Betsy Comes Home

Fairytales come true.

Once upon a time someplace in Iowa a little basset puppy was born. She grew to be a beauty with silken soft ears and melt-your-heart brown eyes. Little is known about her early life, other than she had had a litter of puppies. One day she was found wandering alongside a road, not looking for Prince Charming, but for a fairytale ending; a loving home where she could live happily ever after.

Her dreams almost came true when a good Samaritan stopped to rescue her. She was taken to a shelter where she was adopted. Her luck did not last, her new owner was working overtime and turned her back. This time she was placed with in a foster home through Hound’s Haven Basset Rescue. This well behaved, although shy, puppy was given the name Betsy. She waited not knowing what would come next. The foster "Mom" wanted to keep this princess-in-waiting, but already had too many dogs.

Miles away, the Pritchetts, a Mayfield Heights couple, had lost their second basset to cancer. They had looked at local basset rescue groups, but they could not find the right match. One day Denise Pritchett was surfing the net and went to Petfinders.com. She saw Betsy and fell in love at first sight.

Distance was an obstacle, but after the Pritchetts went through the adoption screening process and explained how much they wanted her – all that was left was to get Betsy from De Moines to Mayfield Heights.

Like the magic pumpkin carriage whisking Cinderella to the castle, Krystal McClain of  Hound’s Haven Basset Rescue made all the arrangements for Betsy’s ride. Eleven volunteers each driving one to two hours legs, brought Betsy to the Pritchetts' doorstep before the clock struck midnight. Martha Chandler, from Martha’s Mutt Movers, drove the last leg and witnessed the happy ending.

Betsy is finally living "happily ever after" thanks to many volunteers and her new family: Ray, Denise and Charlie Pritchett.

If you are considering a long term commitment check out petfinders.com or your local adoption/foster groups like pawsohio.org. On the other hand if you already have your hands (and house) full, or can just spare a few hours volunteer why not drive? Transport trains come through the Hillcrest area with regularity. Contact Martha Chandler at marthasmuttmovers@fastmail to be added to the list.

Martha Chandler November 15, 2011 at 01:48 AM
What an awesome article, well done Katherine!! I did the home visit with Denise and Ray, and having the honor of being the final leg on the transport for Betsy was such a wonderful experience for me; seeing Betsy meet her new family for the first time was priceless. Charlie was such a wonderful "welcome wagon" rep. I hope your readers will realize what a rewarding experience it can be to help a rescued dog get just one "leg" closer to their furever home. Please feel free to contact me at marthasmuttmovers@fastmail.fm to find out how exciting and wonderful it can be driving the doggies! Martha
Katherine Kurkov November 16, 2011 at 12:59 AM
Thanks for writing in Martha. Betsy is so lucky- as are the people who helped her. My mom and I had a chance to drive one of your trips. It was a way to help and spend some time together. I can't recommend it enough! Kathy
Elizabeth Tyrrell November 18, 2011 at 03:12 AM
I am inspired! I have my hands full with a cat, a (neurotic) dog, a preschooler, and a toddler, but I can certainly spare a couple of hours now and then to help out on a drive. Thanks for the touching story and good idea! :)
Katherine Kurkov November 18, 2011 at 03:29 PM
It sounds crazy, but a drive like this can be the most peaceful part of the day. It's also heartning to know that all the pups are going someplace good (either to a forever home, a foster or a no kill shelter).


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