Nishanth Uli's Jeopardy Journey Is Over

Nishanth Uli, a Solon High graduate, lost in the semi-final round of the Jeopardy College Championship.

Nishanth Uli's quest to become Jeopardy! College Championship is over.

Uli, a 2011 Solon graduate, lost in the semi-finals despite collecting $31,600 in the semi-final round, which aired Wednesday.

Uli had $15,800 going into Final Jeopardy, and doubled his money by answering the question correctly. The category was "Famous Europeans" and the answer was "Oskar Schindler."

But one of his opponents, Jim Coury from Georgetown University, won the day with risky gambles on Daily Doubles that paid off. Coury won with $32,604.

Uli, a 2011 Solon High graduate who now attends Washington University in St. Louis, won in the preliminary round on the May 10 episode. He collected $$22,801 in that win.

Uli studies biology and history in college and plans to head to France this summer to learn about neuroscience.


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