Vote For Monster Maniax's Invention

Cast an online vote for Monster Maniax's O-Box 3000, a lunchbox that can kill bacteria.

, a team of Solon sixth graders who participate in the FIRST Lego League competition, need your vote to make their invention a reality.

The team, which competed in the FLL's state competition last weekend, has invented the "O-Box 3000," a lunchbox that can kill bacteria.

The team is competing for the FLL Global Innovation Award. Until March 1, the team's inventions are up for a public vote on the competition's website.

Go Here to Vote for Monster Maniax and the O-Box 3000!

The Maniax need your vote to get into the semi-finals. If they are voted in and selected as the winner by a panel of judges. The winning team will be offered the opportunity to work with Edison Nation to professionally develop, produce, and take their invention to market.

Here's a description of the O-Box 3000 from the Monster Maniax:

Food contamination with microbes in school lunch boxes is a major health concern. Our research has shown ozone to be a highly effective microbe killer. O-Box 3000 is a lunchbox capable of generating ozone to kill the bacteria on food or in the container. It takes approximately 72 seconds to generate and distribute the ozone. The generator consists of a micro-fan, 12V rechargeable battery, transformer and corona generating electrodes. Oxygen molecules in air are split into atoms by a corona discharge and recombine to form ozone, which is distributed in the food storage compartment. This feasible and inexpensive solution kills bacteria, and only costs about $37. Overall, this solution can help to prevent the bacterial contamination of food in kids’ lunchboxes.


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