Video: Students Begin School in Solon, in Fast Forward

You can hear the students now: If only the school year moved as quickly as this video

At about 7:43 a.m. today, buses rolled into Solon's to begin another school year.

Some of the kids hurried off the bus and ran toward the door – that's how excited they were to begin the school year.

But the responsible adults helping the students off the bus were quick to slow the students to a safe walk, but not without encouraging words about the kids' excitement to learn.

We at Patch encourage students to listen to their teachers, but we also wanted to have some fun on the first day of school by creating this sort-of time lapse video of this morning's grand entrance into the school.

We distilled a roughly 15-minute process of unloading students from buses into about a minute and a half. We hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned for more (and more serious) school coverage at Solon Patch.


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