Solon Teachers Average Second-Highest Salary in Ohio

A database of teacher salary averages at Ohio's more than 600 school districts shows Solon's teachers are near top of the list

is in the upper echelon of every educational performance category.

They also nearly top another list: How much the district pays its teachers.

Solon Schools has an average teacher salary of $80,400, the second-highest of the state's 610 public school districts, according to data released by the Ohio Department of Education.

The average teacher salary in the state is about $54,000, and ranges between $81,534 at Orange City Schools and $32,894 in the Southern Local School District.


Solon School district officials say salaries in Solon reflect the district and the community's commitment to excellent education for students. Solon has one of the , consistently ranking at the top or near the top of Ohio's performance standards.

This year, Solon's performance index was 110.7, the fourth best in the state. The score was higher than last year's, when Solon had the best score in the state.

"That performance index is everything," Superintendent Joe Regano said. "The state changed the education system from merely providing education to a competition, and as a result the compensation of the highest-performing districts has moved to the top."

School officials pointed to a number of reasons for the salary average, including:

  • Solon students excel, and a big reason for that is quality teachers. Besides meeting the state benchmarks, Solon students also rank high in SAT and , attend and regularly .
  • Because Solon hires excellent teachers, the district competes with a number of the area's high-performing schools to hire the best educators they can find. These competitors – including Orange, Beachwood, Mayfield and others – are also some of the highest-paying districts. "This year it's Orange, Solon, Beachwood," Regano said. "Next year it could be Beachwood, Orange, Solon."
  • Teachers receive more pay as they increase their education by obtaining advanced degrees. According to state data, more than 85 percent of Solon's teachers have a master's degree. That's one of the highest levels in the state.

"Solon is a community that cares deeply for education," said District Spokeswoman Tamara Strom. "I think everyone really understand how deep that commitment runs and the expectations that go along with it."


This summer, the school administration and teachers' association agreed to a more austere  that will help the district better control payroll costs.

That contract freezes pay for all teachers, lowers starting pay for rookie teachers by 6.75 percent and also reduces the maximum salary by 2.8 percent.

Regano said the school district also eliminated its 24 highest salaries by offering a retirement incentive to those teachers.

During the last three-year teacher contract, Solon teachers received raises of 2.75 percent in the 2008-2009 school year, 3.15 percent in 2009-2010 and 3.6 percent in 2010-2011, according to the Solon Times.


The state data also breaks down average salaries by individual school:

  • (26 teachers, 19 years): $86,887
  • (23 teachers, 18 years): $85,731
  • (48 teachers, 17 years): $82,179
  • (49 teachers, 17 years): $81,117
  • (33 teachers, 15 years exp.): $80,060
  • (27 teachers, 15 years): $78,793
  • (106 teachers, 14 years): $77,209


SCHOOL DISTRICT AVERAGE TEACHER SALARY Orange  $81,534 Solon $80,400 Beachwood $80,203 Brecksville-Broadview Heights $78,868 Mayfield $77,006 Cuyahoga Heights $75,261 Upper Arlington $74,874 Worthington $74,737 Bexley  $74,633 Indian Hill $74,457
Elliot Ness July 24, 2012 at 11:45 PM
$80,000 is way to much salary for a public school teacher. Especially considering their 3 month vacation a year and crazy benefit program. Enough is enough. They are way overpaid. Not all of them are award winning teachers! But, they get paid like they are!
Elliot Ness July 24, 2012 at 11:53 PM
I read an article in a financial magazine about what profession had the most millioniares. Guess who? Teachers! This is due to several factors. Teachers high pay and the fact that it is not interrupted for 30+ years. Most have a spouse with a decent job also. The benefit package is much more then generous, with most paying very little compared to the rest of us, and that happened in recent history. Hudson teachers where going to strike when the board wanted them to contribute to their health care. These teachers might as well be automotive workers, and they can't have their jobs moved to another state or country. What a racket.
Sue July 25, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Are you kidding, millionaires? I would like the magazine name, article, and date to see it. I am VERY skeptical. And....why do people keep bringing up a teacher's spouse and their pay?? In what other profession do we pay someone based on the fact that they may or may not have a spouse? Utter nonsense. I am more than willing to pay a teacher $80,000/year to teach and educate. Remember when salaries were low? Remember in college (I graduated from HS and college in the 80's) who went into teaching? They were not the brightest. Now, however with a decent salary (finally) the teaching profession is attracting very bright, very educated, very experienced people. Amen to that. Why do you think our kids are so much farther ahead than we were?
Michelle August 05, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Well said Sue! And it is nice to see that Solon school officials actually stand behind their teachers.


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