Solon High Swimmers Suspended for Hazing Incident

Several members of the Solon High Schools boys swim team were suspended from school and athletic competition for participating in a hazing incident on school property.


Several members of the boys swim team were suspended from school and the team this week because of a hazing incident that occured on school property.

Citing student confidentiality laws, school officials would not reveal what specifically happened during the hazing incident, the number of students involved and whether any of the students were appealing their punishments.

School spokeswoman Tammy Strom said that the suspensions meted out to the students by high school administrators varied based on each student's level of involvement with the hazing.

"The behavior leading to the discipline of these students is not acceptable at Solon High School," Strom said.

Strom said that Solon Schools will not tolerate hazing and that school officials will "step up educational efforts" to make sure students understand what the rules mean.

"We're going to redouble our efforts and take our education of athletes to another level so it can't be misunderstood what could be considered hazing," Strom said.

All students are required to review the student handbook, which includes a ban on hazing, and sign it at the beginning of the school year. Athletes are also required to read the athletic handbook at the beginning of their sport season and sign that they understand that as well.  

Read the full SHS hazing and athletic conduct policies.


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