Solon Graduation Speaker: Ashwin Rane

Ashwin Rane is one of two students selected to give an address at the Solon High School graduation ceremony.

Editor's Note: handles commencement speaking different than most schools. In Solon, any senior can compete to earn one of two speaking slots at the ceremony. The students write a speech and then perform it before a faculty panel. The two highest rated speakers win the right to speak before their class at graduation.

Here's an interview with one of those speakers, Solon senior Ashwin Rane.

Name: Ashwin Rane

College choice: Case Western Reserve University to study Mechanical Engineering and Musical Performance (he plays the viola)

What he will miss most about high school: "I'm going to miss the teachers. Solon has such an incredible faculty working with the students every day."

Advice for freshmen: "Be diverse. Don't allow inhibition to dictate your high school education. Join different clubs. Try new things."

Proudest accomplishment: "Assimilating into such an incredible group of students. These are people I'll never forget. These people are responsible for who I am today, and I can't thank them enough."

Dream job: Ashwin has two: conducting and orchestra and managing an engineering firm.

His inspiration: His family, father Hira Rane, mother Harsha Rane and sis Sony Rane. "They've helped me get through the tough spots in high school."

Fun fact about Ashwin: "My only material obsession is with neck ties."

Click here to read our interview with Tiffany Li, the other speaker.


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