Expert: Solon Schools "On Top" of Security

Ken Trump, a nationally known school security expert, discussed school security issues with parents, staff.

One of the leading experts in school safety said he thinks the Solon City School District is going in the right direction.

Ken Trump, the president and CEO of National School Safety and Security Services, gave a presentation to parents Monday on the ever-changing school environment and how schools can prepare for the worst.

"One thing I appreciate about Solon schools is that this is an ongoing process," Trump said of the district's effort to keep its schools safe. He said Superintendent Joe Regano has been "staying on top" of it and commended the district's relationship with safety services in the city.

Trump and his team started a three-day process, conducting a detailed security assessment on the school buildings.

One thing Trump was glad to see is Solon's dedication to serving students emotionally.

"I'm impressed with the resources Solon has with school psychologists," he said.

Regano said the administration will be working closely with Trump and the Solon Police Department with security changes.

"We have to do some things better," Regano said.

Trump's program was about putting context around what is going on, especially after the tragic Sandy Hook shootings late last year. He was featured as an expert on Today show.

A father of two kids, Trump said the shooting in Newton, CT "left a psychological scar on all of us."

While he didn't get into specifics over the district's security, Trump gave some insight to parents on how they can help with school safety.

He believes parents should:

  • Talk with their kids
  • Share your concerns
  • Respect security and crisis procedures
  • Work with school and safety officials

He said students also play an important role in situations. He said they need to recognize and prevent things that often trigger violence like:"He said, She said" rumors and not worrying about "snitching." By sharing information they could save someone's life.


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