READ: Solon Schools Hazing Policy; Athletic Conduct Rules

With several Solon swimmers suspended after a hazing incident on school property, catch up on school district's hazing and athletic conduct policies.


Editor's Note: This post includes 's verbatim policies against hazing and the athletic conduct policies that students are required to follow. We are posting this information in light of the hazing incident that led to several Solon swimmers being suspended.

Solon Schools Code of Conduct and Solon High School Handbook:

Students shall not threaten, act, or participate in or attempt to threaten, act or participate in any act or acts that injures, degrades, disgraces, or tends to injure, degrade, or disgrace any student.

Hazing is defined as doing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to do any act of initiation into any student or other organization that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person. Permission, consent, or assumption of risk by any individual subjected to hazing does not lessen the prohibition contained in this policy.

SHS Athletic Handbook:

The Solon Athletic Department recognizes that the safety and welfare of individual participants and teams are a priority. Therefore, participants will not engage in any acts of criminal activity such as, but not limited to vandalism, assault and battery, hazing, theft, or other disruptive conduct.

Participants are also expected to behave appropriately during school and extracurricular activities. Detrimental actions include, but are not limited to insubordination, repeated absenteeism, fighting, sexual misconduct, negative/apathetic attitude, unsportsmanlike conduct, lying, and inappropriate language or gestures.

Recognizing the varying degrees of severity, the type of misconduct, and a participants previous record of conduct, each situation will be considered individually. The coach and/or athletic director, will determine appropriate consequences, which may include denial of participation or dismissal from the team. In all cases, the participant will have the right to due process and a written record of the incident will be filed with the athletic director.


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