Hey Solon High Students: Join A School Club!

Is your child a new freshman at Solon High, or looking for a new activity? Check out Solon Patch's guide to clubs and organizations at Solon High School!

Before graduation this spring, Ashwin Rane had .

"Be diverse," said Rane, one of Class of 2012's graduation speakers. "Don't allow inhibition to dictate your high school education. Join different clubs. Try new things."

Solon Patch thinks this is good advice, and wants to help out freshman, new students and other students looking to get more involved. We'll do that by publishing a list of the dozens of clubs and organizations that students can join.

The school held its annual club fair last week and this week to give students a chance to explore what the clubs offer. We'll provide a digital version that parents and students can check out.

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Without, further ado:

Advisor: Mr. Weiser

The group meets every Friday at 3 p.m. We go to tournaments at Case Western Reserve University, Aurora High School, Copley High School and hopefully state and national competitions. We also compete on the Academic Challenge television program. We have gone to national tournaments for the past six years. If you like “Jeopardy” and “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader,” then you’ll love Academic Challenge!

Advisor: Mrs. Csarny

AFS is a social club in which students learn about the cultures of other countries and act as a support group for SHS foreign exchange students. It is open to SHS students of all ages, and taking a foreign language is NOT a requirement. There is a $5.00 membership fee. AFS is a nonprofit, international organization that offers student ex- changes to promote understanding among various cultures and form a global intercultural community.

Advisor: Mr. Ashkettle

Advocating human rights and raising awareness about human rights violations across the world. Main campaigns include fighting unjustified violence (e.g. genocide in Darfur), acting against torture, rights of individuals at risk (innocent death row inmates), women’s rights and more.

Advisor: Mrs. Paul

The purpose of ACC is to foster an understanding and appreciation of Asian cultures while acknowledging diversity at SHS. Members will experience Asian cultures through a wide variety of activities such as music and singing, folk dance, art, and language.

Cooking Asian cuisine is also an experience that many students enjoy. Participants will have the opportunity to join a performance group specializing in Asian dance and music which will perform in community events such as Chinese New Year. ACC offers a sense of community for students of Asian heritage and also pro- vides a place for those students who want to broaden their knowledge and experience of Asian cultures in our increasingly globalized society.

Advisor: Mrs. Kinney

The purpose of the book club is to provide an environment for people that love to read to be able to have in-depth book discussions. It gives people a chance to talk freely about what they have been reading and therefore develop a new respect and reverence for good literature.

Students will get a chance to discover the beauty of writing on their own and therefore will discover the intricacies of plot and the analysis of idiosyncratic characters. It will serve as a safe haven for readers to express themselves and hopefully inspire non-readers. It will give students a chance to open themselves up to the wonderful world of books, which will then unlock doors to knowledge and wisdom.

CHESS CLUB (2012 State Champions!)
Advisor: Mr. Dunlap

Chess Club meets on Wednesdays at 3:00. All students are welcome.

Advisor: Mr. Ferencie

Be a part of the exciting video productions broadcast on Solon Education TV. Learn to operate cameras, video editing equipment, graphics equipment, direct sports or music programs, or become an on air commentator. No previous experience is required and all new members are welcome.

Advisors: Mrs. Hartnett & Mr. Diehl
Dues: $6.00

C.E.C. is open to all students at Solon High School. The primary objective of the club is to promote acceptance and inclusion of all individuals with disabilities in our schools and community. C.E.C. offers members a number of ways to get involved from mentoring to group outings and events, as well as organizing disability awareness programs. Outings are at least once a month and meetings are once a month after school.

Advisor: Mr. McKeen

We meet approximately once a week after school. Most frequently, we agree upon and write about an entertaining topic. We then share our creations and discuss. Sometimes we work on longer projects, occasionally participating in writing contests.

Advisor: Ms. Bruce

The Diversity Acceptance Program (DAPs) was designed to help students become more aware and accepting of the diversity in Solon High School. DAPs was created to empower students to serve as positive change agents for inclusion and unity. We focus on different aspects of diversity including race/ethnicity, physical ability and socioeconomics. DAPs will research the “true” definition of diversity. Our goal is to teach students total acceptance through education and exposure to new cultures.

Advisor: Kristina Ferencie
Dues: $5 per year – must be paid prior to auditioning or working crew for any show.

Membership is open to all interested Solon High School students in grades nine through twelve. Drama Club welcomes all students interested in performing in both drama and musical theatre as well as those interested in the production aspects of the theatre, which include stage management, set construction, cos- tuming, make-up, lighting and props.

The members of Drama Club will support all theatre productions throughout the school year. This organization will also work to expose students to good and appropriate theatre experiences through field trips within the greater Cleveland area.

The Solon High School Drama Club also sponsors the student-directed An Evening of One-Acts each February, a $500 Theatre Arts Scholarship, a $500 Award of Distinction, a $500 Bob Keller Memorial Scholarship and Drama Club Awards Night in May.

The elected officers (senior class members) are voted into office in May and will call formal meetings three to four times each school year to discuss upcoming events and the Saturday morning CREW sessions (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as noted on the call board across from the choir room) which serve as the informal working meetings of the club.

Drama Club is governed by a set of by-laws that is affirmed by the club members.

Advisor: Mrs. Vaughan
Dues: $5.00

Fashion Club is for students interested in fashion and sewing. Students will learn about the fashion industry, work on developing their own sense of style, and sewing skills. Students will be presenting a fashion show in the spring. Meetings are the first and third Thursdays of each month and are in the Family and Consumer Sciences room (Room 119).

Advisors: Mrs. Johns
Meetings: The first & third Fridays of the month at 7 a.m. Students meet in the Band Room.
Dues: $5

FCA is a student-led interdenominational Christian sports ministry. Meetings are spiritually nourishing, athlete-focused, fellowship-oriented, and culturally diverse. Students and coaches are encouraged to develop integrity, service, teamwork and excellence in all they pursue. Put your faith in action and join FCA!

Advisor: Mrs. Kenzig

Solon High School Fencing club is open to anyone interested in practicing fencing techniques and participating in fencing competitions. If you have no experience, you may learn the sport through private lessons and also join the SHS fencing club. The club meets after school once a month, October through April.

Advisor: Ms. Frazier

The French Club is organized to allow students to spend time with other students who have an interest in France or the French language. Representative activities of the French Club include: art, music, movies, outings and fundraiser activities.

The club is open to all students and the ability to speak French is not needed.

Advisor: Mr. Gielink

FBLA is the largest student business organization in the world. It provides leadership opportunities for any student interested in business as a viable future career option. Students will be given chances to develop skills in leadership, communication, and business through a plethora of activities organized and run by a student Board of Executives.   

The underlying theme is for students to learn as much about business as possible in order to be encouraged to pursue their own dreams of business. We will have guest speakers from the business community, and we will also have community service opportunities.

Advisors: Ms. Tirpak

Participants in Solon High School’s award winning Future Problem Solving program learn a six-step process that is used to guide competitive problem solving. You have the options of competing as an individual, in a team of 3 – 5 people, in the Scenario Essay Contest, or in the Community Problem solving (CmPS) division.

We send members to the state competition in all of the divisions each year. Even if you haven’t been involved in FPS in the past, the club is a great way to become active in a highly respected program. Because of the many parts of FPS, there is always a way to display your particular talents, whether it is problem solving, group work, writing, or community service. Join today!

Advisor: Mrs. Smith & Mr. Diehl

The Gay-Straight Alliance Club (GSA) meets monthly to promote awareness, eduation, and acceptance. The club promotes and embraces diversity at the high school and in the community. All students are welcome to attend meetings and events.

Advisor: Mr. Bergman

Independent Film Club is a group-based club where members learn about filmmaking techniques and produce a wide variety of their own projects. Meetings are twice a month.

Advisor: Mr. Sanson

The Solon High School Italian Club is a service club. The Italian Club sponsors holiday activities for the elderly, and we are involved with the community Solon Italian Club. The club also promotes Italian heritage, and supports scholarship funding through weekly donuts sales.

If you have any questions, please contact the Italian Club officers or Mr. Sanson in room 214.

Advisor: Mr. Northrup

The Junior State of America (JSA) is a club determined to increase the political awareness and involvement of high school students. JSA is a national organization that is completely student-run on a regional, state, and national level. With over 500,000 current and former members, this club is the largest student-run organization in the United States.

The Solon High School Chapter of the Junior State of America will be hearing from political figures on both the city and state levels, will interact with other school’s JSA chapters during politically driven debates, and attend conferences lead by students – all with the goal of getting Solon High School students interested in debating politics and making informed decisions about the leaders they choose to follow.

In addition, the club will also be active in community service projects that are both politically and non-politically involved. Through debates, learning from today’s leaders, and interaction with a variety of people from all over the city, state, and country, this club promises to help today’s students become motivated and informed in order to become the best American leaders of tomorrow.

Advisor: Mrs. Leugers & Mrs. Ettinger

Key Club is a service organization that dedicates itself to giving back to our community through a series of exciting activities and projects. Working closely with our local Kiwanis Organization,

Key Club’s 300+ members have previously participated in preparing meals for Ronald McDonald House, raising money for scholarships, at Pancake Break- fasts, and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure downtown. We also have fun volunteering at Coats for Kids, Lunch with Santa, carnivals at the elementary schools, and pumpkin painting for nursing homes. We meet about once a month in the evening around 6:30.

Key Club is always looking for new, willing members and innovative activities.

Advisor: Mr. Sanson

LabLink was created with the desire to help garner interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. By helping to establish mentorships that link capable and interested high school students with professors in the students’ field of interest, LabLink strives to give the students the ability to experience a field of study hands-on.

LabLink has a large outreach to facilities throughout Cleveland, including some of the most advanced research institutions in the city, such as Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, and NASA Glenn Research Center.

Any motivated high school student is welcome to join. For more information, go to the Lablink website.

Advisor: Mr. Gaspar & Mrs. Kenzig
Dues: $5

LORAX is open to all students at Solon High School. The primary purpose of the group is to promote environmental awareness in our community. We are in charge of all of the paper recycling as well as the plastic, glass, and aluminum recycling at the school. Anyone with a genuine interest in helping the environment is encouraged to participate.

Advisor: Mrs. Kamkutis

Math Club is designed to be enjoyable for students of all levels who like dabbling in mathematics. Activities include exploring new mathematical topics as well as historic ones. There will also be mathematical competitions offering awards and scholarships.

Advisor: Mr. Rivera
Dues: $10

Mock Trial is a competitive, public-speaking based extracurricular club that blends hard work with fun team bonding. With competition sponsored by the Ohio Center for Law Related Education, the club's purpose is to provide students with an authentic experience of law-related careers and court proceedings in the real world while developing skills in public speaking, debate and analytical thinking.

Throughout the year, teams of 8-9 students prepare for a trial regarding a fictional case based off of a real court case. Students choose to act as a lawyer or to portray a witness, and either represent the plaintiff/prosecution or the defendant. In late February teams compete in a district competition against students from other high schools at a real courtroom in downtown Cleveland and work to advance to regionals and state finals.

Advisor: Mr. Northrup

Model UN is a nationally recognized academic club in which students can engage in intellectual debate about world issues with their peers. Students imitate the behavior, parliamentary procedure, and creative problem-solving of the United Nations. All students of Solon High School are welcome to join, and are invited to participate in two conferences held during the year.

Club activities include two conferences (one in November and another in April) held at Cleveland State University, as well as numerous other fundraisers and awareness campaigns to help alert the school and members of pertinent world issues.

Meetings are usually held Thursdays. Member fees will be $5.

Advisor: Mrs. Stoltz

The main goal of the O Ambassadors is to recognize the children in third world countries that lack food, education, health care and sustainable development. We will coordinate activities and raise funds for development projects overseas and increase awareness of global issues for students at Solon High School. The O Ambassadors Club is an exciting joint project of Oprah’s Angel Network and Free the Children that will inspire young people to become active, compassionate and knowledgeable global citizens.

Advisor: Mrs. Gusielo

If you like the outdoors, adventures, activities and enjoy meeting new people, then the Outdoors Club is for you. We will meet monthly to plan activities, for example: hiking, apple picking, sledding and much more.

Advisor: Mr. Sanson

The purpose of this club is to enlighten students who are interested in medical fields and scientific careers. The club will have speakers from various scientific and medical fields and will discuss opportunities for future career plans. This club is open to all students and meets in room 214.

Advisor: Mrs. Vaughan
Dues: $5.00

Quilts for Kids is an organization dedicated to making quilts for community members in need. Members of this club learn to design and create simple quilts from donated fabric. This is a great club for anyone interested in sewing and helping others. Sewing experi- ence is not necessary!

Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month after school in the Family and Consumer Sciences room (room 119).

Advisor: Ms. Beveridge

The Relay For Life club complements the community efforts in the fight against cancer. Our club’s purpose is to educate the students in the high school as well as the lower levels on cancer awareness. Our members participate in several activities throughout the year to promote cancer awareness.

We raise money for cancer research, collect and deliver donations for Hope Lodge, and prepare for the Relay event in June. Students have the opportunity to take an active part in the planning of this 18-hour community event. Students also coordinate with community leaders on the event. Students will work together in committees to plan entertainment, publicity, team development.

The Relay For Life club is for students interested in making a differ- ence in the fight against cancer.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
Advisor: Mrs. Joseph

SADD is an organization open to the whole student body. Our main purpose is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, drunk driving, drug abuse and other destructive decisions. SADD has expanded its efforts to also recognize issues such as smoking, violence, suicide, steroid use, teen stress and other pertinent topics that confront teens.

Our membership also participates in humanitarian activities in Solon and throughout the Cleveland area.

Advisor: Mrs. Ross

Science Olympiad is a national program wherein students with an interest in science are encouraged to participate in twenty-three specific events related to life science, physics, earth science and chemistry, as well as building events.

Participating schools in each state send a team of fifteen students to regional competitions where teams of two or three students compete in all events. Winners at the regional level advance to the state and national levels. State competition is held at Ohio State University in April and in past years the national competition has been held in late May in Colorado, Washington D.C., Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.

Solon has been fortunate to send a team to the national competition for the past fifteen out of seventeen years. The Solon team has placed in the top ten each of their fifteen trips to nationals, and has won 1st place in 1998, and .

Top place finishers at the national level may be awarded scholarships to hosting universities and/or individual scholarships. There is a lot of individual work and study in the Science Olympiad Program but there is also a lot of travel and fun.

Students meet after school on Thursdays, beginning in September for 10 -12th grade members. Competitions are on Saturdays, January through March. Students in the 9th grade who are interested in Science Olympiad should contact the Solon Middle School coach, Mr. Drew Kirian.

Advisor: Mr. Northrup

In its sixteenth year of operation, the Ski and Snowboard Club is open to all Solon High School students who either wish to learn how to ski, snowboard, or snow blade or want to improve upon previously established skills. In cooperation with Boston Mills Ski Resort, the club offers a season long ski package which includes 5 ski sessions, 5 lessons at any ability level, optional equipment rental, 3 bonus sessions, and mandatory transportation. Besides the cost of the ski package, members are required to pay $10.00 for dues, which will cover the cost of transportation (mandatory for high school students).

Registration information will be available in October.

Advisors: Miss Sustersic & Mrs. Creamer
Dues: $10 or $15 for Club T-shirt.

The Spanish Club is back for the 2012-2013 school year! This student-run organization is for all students interested in the Spanish language or Hispanic culture. You do not have to be enrolled in Spanish in order to be a part of the club. Active members will participate in a cultural event each month.

There will be opportunities for members to plan each event. ¡Ven y diviértete!

Advisor: Mr. Ceci

Speech and Debate teaches students how to structure and defend arguments with up-to-date research, how to analyze and interpret literature, and how to use vocal variety and physical mechanics to effectively communicate their messages.

The state and national qualifying is open to students in grades nine through twelve seeking to improve and master skills of oration and argumentation through the numerous forensic events that are offered. These talented, motivated students travel across the state of Ohio to various regional tournaments in order to prepare for the state qualifying district tourna- ment, the state tournament, the National Forensics League National Tournament, and other nationally recognized tournaments, such as The Yale Invitational and Catholic Nationals.

As one of the 60 National Speech & Debate leagues, the Ohio High School Speech League (OHSSL) has 13 competitive categories in order to allow students to experiment with different speaking styles. From the purely on-the-spot Impromptu Speaking to acting out tragedies in Dra- matic Interpretation to philosophical Lincoln-Douglas Debate, this club gives high school students the chance to step out of their comfort zone and try to discover the orator within. Each member of the team is re- quired to attend a minimum of five regional tournaments and the state qualifying tournament. Tournaments are effective and essential in improving speaking skills, sharpening argumentative reasoning, and garnering a reputation amongst competitors in the various districts.

Schools host tournaments every Saturday from late October through early February to help students hone their skills. Generally, a competitor will compete in four rounds and are ranked from first to last, giving the speaker several chances to prove his or her merit and win at the tournament.

Advisor: Mrs. Harvey

Student Council is the student governing body at Solon High School. It is composed of an Executive Board and Senate. Students must meet the necessary qualifications to run for these offices.

Student Council’s purpose is to promote school spirit and to provide cooperation and understanding between the students and faculty and between the students and the community. Meetings are held monthly. The Council sponsors fundraisers, leadership retreats and community service projects. It also participates on the state and national level by attending conferences and workshops. Furthermore, it informs students of the upcoming sporting events to cheer on our Solon Comets. Student Council is also responsible for various school activities, including Homecoming, pep assemblies, Prom, tailgate parties, winter semi-formal and student vs. faculty events. Students work closely with the administration, teachers and the community.

Student Council is open to all students.

Advisor: Mrs. Vaughan
Dues: $7
Solon High School’s very own knitting/crocheting club! Wicked Stitches club makes knitted and crocheted squares which are then sewn together to make afghans to be donated to local organizations. No experience is necessary!

Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month after school in the Family and Consumer Sciences room (room 119). Yarn will be provided.

Advisor: Mrs. Fishman

Yearbook Club will develop a pictorial history complete with articles, head- lines, and captions of a specific school year at Solon High School. Students will be expected to utilize the writing process to refine writing, editing, and layout skills.

Other skills that the students will learn or develop include: developing a theme, writing stories, taking photographs and designing and laying out pages of the yearbook.

Advisor: Mr. McKeen

The Young Association of Comedians is an artsy after-school activity dedicated to the ancient art of stand-up and improvisational comedy. Our weekly hilarities take place on Fridays after school in room 221 from 3 - 4 p.m.

If you are an aspiring amateur comic or just want to offer some laughs and support to your peers, you are welcome.

The annual club fee is a mere $5 dollars.

Advisor: Mr. Ferencie
Membership dues: $15 to cover the cost of a T-shirt

To educate the student body about conservative beliefs and voting, and to raise money for both conservative candidates and or- ganizations. YCC will teach students about government and the people we elect to run our government. We also discuss current events.


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