Chardon Shooting: Solon School Officials Stress Importance Of Reporting Threats

Solon Superintendent Joe Regano and the school board responded to the tragedy in Chardon.

In the wake of Monday's shooting at Chardon High School, Solon School officials said the tragedy underscores the importance of reporting threats and suspicious behavior.

The talked about the shooting Monday, offering condolences to the Chardon community and .

After news of the shooting broke, Solon Police immediately sent officers to the schools. Students were informed about what had taken place and a letter was e-mailed to parents.

Superintendent Joe Regano said the school districts' close relationship with the Solon Police and the Fire Department helps them stay as prepared as possible for an emergency.

"I don't know what else our safety departments can do to make us as safe as possible," Regano said.

School officials said school shootings, which have received national attention since the Columbine shootings in 1999, often have something in common: There was some sign beforehand that something bad was going to happen.

The key, Regano and board members said, is for those people who have worries and suspicions to step forward and say something. Whether its disturbing posts on social media -- the Chardon shooter reportedly left warnings on Twitter -- or other warning signs, its important to come forward.

"The protocols aren't going to do a lot of good unless somebody says something," said Board President Margo Morrow.

In Solon, people with concerns can contact school principals or Regano. Residents can also express their concerns anonymously using the Safe School Helpline by calling 1-800-418-6423, ext. 359.

Regano said that "many times" the school system has dealt with threats by searching school buildings before students arrive or having police search homes with parents' permission.

Regano said that he doesn't know if the schools had prevented violence, but they may have.

"It just has to happen," Regano said about people coming forward with knowledge of threats. "We just want to avoid anything that will end up in any lives lost."


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