22 Solon Teachers Will Retire, Be Rehired For Next School Year

Superintendent Joe Regano said that's the largest number of teachers to ever take advantage of the retire/rehire program.

Twenty-two Solon teachers, many of the district's best and brightest, will retire at the end of the school year.

But they'll be back next year too, since these teachers plan to take advantage of Solon's retire/rehire program. District officials praise the program as a win for the schools, the taxpayers and the teachers.

"This has been an extremely important part of our financial expenditure puzzle," said Superintendent Joe Regano. "We've been able to move higher salaries out and move newer salaries in."

The retire/rehire program allows teachers to receive their state retirement incentive while also receiving their full salaries from the school district.

The key is that these teachers can only work one more year, and then must retire for good.

That means Solon will then hire new teachers, who will be paid much lower salaries. , it's a way for the school district to reduce its overall personnel costs, which make up the vast majority of the district's expenses.

Regano said that by next school year, about 60 teachers will be on that reduced salary schedule. And right now the district anticipates it will be hiring about 50 new teachers in spring 2013, which will release even more pressure on personnel costs.

School officials say the other financial benefit of the retire/rehire program is that the district doesn't pay the health benefits for those employees, which further eases the financial burdens on property taxpayers.

Regano said that having a year to plan on replacing a teacher also helps get the best candidate in place.

"We are stewards of your money that you provide for your school district," said Board President Margo Morrow. "This is the business side of running a school that you have to look at all your expenses and how you can stream line them. This has been a great program for us."

A public hearing on these retire/rehires will be held at the June 11 board meeting. A hearing concerning one employee will also be held in August.

In all, 23 employees, 22 of which are teachers, plan to participate in the program. Here is a school-by-school breakdown:

Debbie Wendl, Director of Internal Services

Cheryl Antognoli, Preschool

Karen Billington, Interventionist

Marsha Blankson, First Grade

Anne Bonfils, First Grade

Susan Curran, Media Specialist

Cheri Mackey, Preschool

Mary Moore, Second Grade

Cynthia Bomeli, Fourth Grade

Kathleen Burger, Second Grade

Kathy Foley, Fourth Grade

Debra Martin, Kindergarten

Marie Pederson, First Grade

LaVenia Mack, Sixth Grade

Ellen Minch, Art

Barbara Neuin, Sixth Grade

Carrie Sheridan, Art

Scott Stuart, Sixth Grade

Sandra Kearns, Interventionist

Drew Kirian, Science

Jenney Pumpa, Family and Consumer Sciences

Donna Ross, Science

Richard Toburen, Science

Jay April 06, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Well, I'm no teacher, but I can't help wonder how this new pay & benefit scale will affect the job of teaching in the years to come. Why would anyone want to bother with teaching, when they know before they go in, teachers are no longer respected, (see the many nasty comments online ) & they've been screwed out of ever earing a decent wage, or have decent health care coverage. Where's the incentive?


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