Vice Mayor Explains Hiring Law Firm To Deal With Deitrick Lawsuit

Solon City Council decided to hire Thompson Hine to handle Sally Deitrick's wrongful termination lawsuit against the city and Mayor Susan Drucker.

Solon Vice Mayor Ed Kraus said the city decided to hire an outside law firm to handle a against the city because of potential conflicts of interest and the firm's expertise in dealing with these kinds of cases.

It's unclear how much the city is going to be paying Thompson Hine, a national law firm with an office in Cleveland, to handle the case. City officials said payment deals were still being worked out.

But Kraus, who represents Ward 6 and is an attorney himself, said the city had good reasons to bring in outside legal help rather than rely on the city's Law Director Tom Lobe.

"Sometimes when it involves an internal employee situation and matter, sometimes it's best to hire outside because of any potential conflict," Kraus said Friday.

Kraus also said that Thompson Hine has "particular expertise" dealing with these sorts of employment matters.

The city and Mayor Susan Drucker are being sued for wrongful termination by Sally Deitrick, the mayor's former secretary who was fired in May.

Deitrick, who was appointed to the position in late 1997 by former Mayor Kevin Patton, is seeking $250,000 in damages. In the lawsuit, she claims that she was wrongfully fired .

Kraus said he couldn't comment on the case, but city council is standing behind the mayor's decision. City council reviewed before the mayor sent it to Deitrick. They had no problems with it.



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