Three Traffic Lights Will Be Removed in Solon

Check out the interactive map to find out which lights will be removed.

The is hard at work on a project to improve the way its system of traffic lights works.

But an analysis of the city's signals discovered five lights that aren't warranted based on the traffic patterns at those intersections.

The city can keep unwarranted traffic lights, but would have to foot the bill to maintain the signals.

So City Council voted Monday to remove three traffic signals. They are at these intersections:

  • Aurora Road and Hawthorne Parkway
  • Aurora Road and Old South Miles Road
  • Kruse Drive and Bainbridge Road

The other two lights are a different story. They are located at entrances to popular locations.

The light at the entrance to the on Bainbridge Road is unwarranted, according to the analysis, but the Cleveland Clinic has agreed to cover the cost of the light.

Along those lines, DDR Corp. is working on an agreement with the city to cover the cost of the light at the Uptown Solon Shopping Center on Kruse Drive, the other unwarranted signal.


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