Stamp Prices Increasing; Shipping Costs Also Increasing

What does the U.S. Post Office price increase mean to you?

The US Post Office is increasing the price of stamps and other shipping on Jan. 27. 

How much?

A penny on the stamp -- increasing it from 45 to 46 cents. Shipping packages with Priority Mail will be going up too, anywhere from 45 cents to as much as $1.40 per box. 

Years ago, we might have rushed out to the post office to buy one-cent stamps or Forever stamps or using up the old stamps before the price jump.

But nowadays you can pay your bills online and send electronic greeting cards, so do you even need to mail anything anymore? 

How often do you use the post office? Do you use another shipping service like UPS or FedEx when you ship packages? Tell us all about it in our comment section.


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