Some City Fees Set To Increase

The Solon Finance Committee approved some fee increases for services at the Solon Center for the Arts, the senior center and the community center.

Some city fees, from senior center programs to dance classes at the arts center, will be increasing this year.

The new fees for 2012 were approved at the Solon Finance Committee meeting Monday at .

Here is a quick rundown on what fees are increasing and, in few cases, decreasing.

Solon Community Center

Recreation Director Donald Holub said he plans to increase rates for the by 5 percent in September.

For example, the cost of an annual family membership for Solon residents will increase from $375 to $395.

The community center is open to Solon residents, Glenwillow residents and those who work in Solon and their families. Glenwillow residents and Solon employees pay higher rates.

Finance Committee Chairman and City Councilman Bill Mooney asked Holub to bring back a list of the new prices in June.

The cost for recreation programs and leagues remained the same except that the price of summer camp increased by $5 per session.

Arts Center

Executive Director Karen Prasser told the committee that the per-hour instruction fee for dance classes will increase from $11 per hour to $12 per hour. The increase is necessarily because of increased rent at the dance studio.

But there's some good news too: The Arts4Kids after school program will be decreasing from $15 per day to $12 per day. The lower price is to make the program more competitive and increase enrollment, Prasser said.

The fees will change in Fall 2012.

Grantwood Golf Course

fees will remain this same this year, except for one exception, said Donald Holub, the city recreation director.

The cost for a senior playing 18 holes will decrease from $27 to $25. .

Senior Center

Prices for lunches, dinners, parties, leagues, some art classes and leagues will increase by $1, said Jill Frankel, director of senior services.

The increases will allow the city to continue providing quality services and programs to Solon's seniors.


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