Solon's Non-Union Workers Get Pay Raises, Eligible for Bonuses

City council approved a pay increase and possible merit bonuses for non-union workers for 2013.

Non-union employees of the city of Solon will receive a 2.25 percent pay increase this year and have the chance to receive a one-time merit bonus.

An ordinance for the raises and bonuses was considered Monday night by the Solon City Council. The raises are for all employees who aren't covered by a collective bargaining agreement, including Law Director Tom Lobe and City Prosecutor Lon Stolarsky.

The raises are in line with those received by the city's unionized employees, said Councilman Bill Mooney.

The pay increases begin Jan. 1.

In addition to the pay raises, city council also gave the mayor $25,000 that she can use to hand out up to $1,000 one-time bonuses to deserving employees.

To be eligible for a bonus, employees must have performed a project that provided an economic benefit to the city, performed well in an emergency situation or an employee who performed exceptionally during 2012.

A review panel consisting of the mayor, a city council member, the finance director, the HR director and a department director will determine who gets the bonuses.

While these employees will get raises and maybe bonuses, they will also have to pay more for their health care, including higher deductibles, higher prescription drug costs and higher exmployee contributions.


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