Solon To Pay Temporary Deer Culling Manager As Much As $6,000

David Hromco will be paid $40 per hour, up to $6,000 total, to manage the city's deer culling program this winter.

David Hromco, who is returning from retirement temporarily to manage 's deer culling this winter, will earn $40 per hour.

The contract with Hromco was approved by city council this week. It runs through March 31, and maxes out at 150 hours. So the most Hromco can earn on the job is $6,000.

Hromco will also be issued a city cell phone and have access, if needed, to a city vehicle.

The city had to bring in Hromco, who managed the deer culling program when he was an assistant public works director before he retired, after Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek

Mayor Susan Drucker said she has been able to spread some of the deer management duties to other employees, but they still needed someone to run it.

Sharpshooters working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture expect next week, depending on conditions of the sites.

The culling efforts will take place on private property and city-owned property that is off-limits or closed, such as and the sewage plant. Drucker said that property owners adjacent to hunting sites have been notified by certified mail.

According to the city's , Hunters will bait deer and shoot from stationary areas; they will not be roaming the properties. officers will secure the sites during hunting.

Dan Beyer January 21, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Before a cull is considered more residents should consider having a hunter assist them on their property. Landowners interested in having a local hunter assist them manage deer on their property I invite them to visit www.findahunter.com There are also some interview tips and more. Hunting is the most cost effective tool to help manage deer herds while providing low fat, high protein food to those less fortunate. Suggest your hunter donates to a local Hunters for the Hungry or Farmers and Hunters program. A free program for hunters to donate the deer which is processed and provided to the CT Food Bank and various other non profit organizations throughout the state.


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