Solon Seeks Grant To Improve Busy SOM Center and Aurora Roads Intersection

One of Solon's busiest intersections may be widened if the city can secure state funding.

Improvements may be coming to one of Solon's busiest intersections if the city can secure state money to help pay for it.

The intersection in question, where SOM Center Road meets Aurora Road, is one of Solon's busiest. The still preliminary plan would be to widen the east side of SOM Center Road in front of the Solar Shopping Center.

Now the city wants to apply for state safety funding to overhaul the intersection by making it wider. The public works commission voted to draft legislation to send to city council giving city staff approval to apply for the grant.

The Ohio Department of Transportation identified the intersection as "a high crash location" back in 2007. The city has taken steps since then to improve the road safety in the area by eliminating access points to the road and recalibrating the traffic signal.

The problem at the intersection, according to City Engineer John Busch, is that the roadways aren't wide enough to allow the traffic signals to work at peak efficiency.

As it stands now, cars on SOM Center Road turning left onto Aurora Road from both directions must take turns. There's not enough room in the intersection for both left-turn lanes to flow at the same time.

"That takes a lot of time for the overall operation of the intersection," Busch told the public works committee.

Preliminary estimates for the intersection improvements put the cost at about $3 million.

The city must apply for the grant funding by April 30. Busch told public works committee members that the city would not be under any obligation to use the money even if the city is awarded a grant.

City council is expected to consider it at it's next meeting on March 19 at .

pat pirro March 15, 2012 at 01:31 PM
we always joked that we could run into the restaurant at the corner and order a sandwich while we were waiting for the light to change
Chris Mazzolini March 15, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Ha! Thanks for the comment, Pat!
Chris Mazzolini March 15, 2012 at 03:53 PM
I'm surprised there's so many people who think this intersection is not too long. Anyone want to leave a comment on why you think it's fine now?


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