Solon Community Center Seeking Fee Increase

The Solon Community Center is looking to raise fees by 5 percent this fall.

The is seeking a five percent membership fee increase that would take effect this fall.

The increase is needed, according to memo from Recreation Director Donald Holub, because costs for the center are increasing.

The community center's membership rolls have decreased from 8,935 in 2009 to 8,079 right now. But the center has added members and revenue from a Silver Sneakers program.

Revenues are down, from $969,000 in 2009 to $945,000 in 2011.

Here's a breakdown of the annual membership fees and the proposed rates:

Current Solon Resident Fee Proposed Solon Resident Fee Current Glenwillow / Work in Solon Fee Proposed Glenwillow / Work in Solon Fee Family Pass $375 $395 $635 $670 Adults $250 $265 $380 $400 Couples $315 $330 $545 $575 Seniors $125 $135 $230 $245 Senior Couple $225 $240 $450 $475 Young Adult $105 $110 $125 $135 Youth/Child $75 $80 $125 $135

These fees will be considered further by the finance committee and eventually voted on by the Solon City Council.

What do you think of these increases?


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