Solon City Council Election 2011: Nancy Meany

As part of our election coverage, Solon Patch will provide profiles of each of the candidates for local office

Editor's Note: As part of Solon Patch's local election coverage, we will provide profiles of each of the candidates running for office. These profiles will offer biographical and issue-oriented details about each of the candidates to help you, the voters, make more-informed decisions at the ballot box. We also will have a short video of each candidate that will help you learn more about them. Stay tuned for more coverage of the election. 

Name: Nancy E. Meany

Age: 55

Occupation: Retired from the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court

Education: B.A. in the Administration of Justice from American University

Political Affiliation: Democrat 

Office Sought: Council Ward 5 

Previous Political Office Sought or Held: Council Ward 5

Candidate Statement:  In February 2011, I was appointed to the vacant Ward 5 Council Seat. As a lifelong Solon resident, I have seen Solon grow from it's semi-rural roots to become a thriving, energetic and influential City. Being able to look at Solon from an historical perspective gives me insight into the City's issues and an awareness of what the City can do to continue to earn its well-deserved image as a family-friendly and business welcoming community.     

Although I have only served as Councilwoman for six months, during that time, not only have I learned to appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of both Council and the City Administration but, more importantly, have been greatly impressed by the dedication and integrity of all concerned, both those elected and employed by the City (and, as an aside, am very grateful for their willingness to help a new member of Council learn the ropes).    

I cannot speak too highly of the citizens that live in Ward 5.  They have shown support for me from day one and I hope I have lived up to their expectations.  Those who come to me for assistance in dealing with the Administration over various issues know that I have dealt with them respectfully and have worked diligently on their behalf.  I am especially pleased to see that the City will do the requested road paving work at Brainard and Cannon Estates.     

Of the current pending legislation, I am strongly in support of and look forward to voting for the implementation of the rental occupancy ordinances. This legislation will not only benefit tenants but will help keep up the residential property values of all our citizens.     

In the future, I would like to find a way for a sidewalk to be built on Harper Rd along with the completion of the sidewalk on Cannon Rd. And once the economy turns around, we must look into developing a true town center along SOM Center and Bainbridge Rds.


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