Rising Ammunition Prices Affecting Solon Police

Ammunition prices are rising for everyone, including Solon Police, since the Newtown massacre and a push for tighter gun restrictions.

The aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting has lead to a push for stricter gun control laws.

That has lead the prices of guns and ammunition to skyrocket. These rises prices are affecting even the Solon Police Department.

Chief Chris Viland said that ammunition is 200 percent to 300 percent more expensive, which he directly attributes to the political discussions occuring now about gun rights.

Viland said that Solon Police essentially buys its ammo on the open market like other consumers, and that the ammo they need are often backordered.

"There's just a shortage," he said.

Viland said that he has budgeted to spend $2,000 more on ammunition in 2013, which doesn't sound like a large amount, but its a giant jump compared to what has been spent in the past.


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