Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek Retires Suddenly

Stanek, who oversaw a number of departments and was with the city for more than three decades, retired suddenly earlier this month.

Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek, who has led some of Solon's largest projects and been with the city for decades, retired abruptly at the beginning of the year.

Vice Mayor Ed Kraus said that city officials were surprised by Stanek's decision, but that he is grateful for Stanek's years of service.

Kraus said he believes Stanek retired because he simply had enough, and had accomplished everything he set out to do.

"Few people get to go out on top where they’ve accomplished everything and done a great job, and left the city in a lot better place than when they came there," Kraus said. "You can't replace Jim."

Kraus said Mayor Susan Drucker will have an important decision to make in replacing Stanek, who oversaw the service, engineering and water reclaimation departments.

Stanek was also the city's leader in handling its deer culling project. Kraus said finding the right person to manage that task will be important.

Kraus said he did not know who would handle the deer culling. According to the Chagrin Solon Sun, Drucker is expected to bring back retired Assistant Public Works Director Hromco on a part-time basis to manage the program.

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