Proposed Changes to Cuyahoga County's Charter on November Ballot

Voters are being asked to consider amendments to the length of county budgets and the term of the director of internal auditing.

Cuyahoga County voters will see two proposed charter amendments on the ballot this November. Here’s a quick look at both of them.

  • Issue 117: If passed, this would allow the county to create and implement two-year budgets. County Council President C. Ellen Connally said this would give council more time to plan ahead and to carry out those plans. Currently, the county has to create and approve a budget every fiscal year. 
  • Issue 118: This proposed amendment aims to stagger the terms of the county executive and the director of internal auditing. Currently, the two share a term, and the director of internal auditing is appointed. According to the county’s website, this would help prevent the director’s work from getting interrupted at the end of the executive’s term. 

Connally called these proposed amendments fairly simple, and said that there were others that are more controversial that are still being discussed. 

For more information, click on the issue numbers above. They are linked to the detailed resolutions putting the issues on the ballot on the county’s website


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