No Lawyers Needed: Solon Officials Applaud Efficient Bargaining With Police

After only one meeting and without needing to hire lawyers, Solon Police reps and city officials reached a new collective bargaining agreement.

Collective bargaining agreements usually take time and involve a number of lawyers.

But and the city were able to reach a new deal for patrol officers, sergeants and lieutenants without needing any lawyers and after only one meeting.

The result, that includes wage increases for officers but requires them to pay more for health benefits, has city officials pleased.

Solon Police union rep Robert Bozak asked Mayor Susan Drucker if they could negotiate without lawyers. Drucker consulted the Police Chief Chris Viland and Law Director Tom Lobe, who agreed.

After one meeting, they had a deal. That agreement was approved by city council Tuesday night.

Drucker said the move saved the city money in legal fees and that Bozak showed "true leadership."

Viland said that there was definitely "contentious issues" to discuss but the city and the union worked through them in a professional and efficient manner.

"The good will purchased was beyond economic," he said.

Regular Guy February 28, 2012 at 07:14 PM
When companies and municipalities all across the country holding public employee pay steady, Solon continues to throw increases at all city employees. Next, they fret about revenue being down. We need some adult leaders.


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