McDropped: McDonald's Dismisses Lawsuit Against Solon

Solon Law Director Thomas Lobe said McDonald's voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit June 14

McDonald's has voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit against the city of Solon, ending an expected court battle over city council's denial of plans for a new restaurant in the center of town.

Solon Law Director Thomas Lobe said that McDonald's dropped the lawsuit June 14.

It's unclear right now why the giant restaurant chain abandoned the suit. Bruce Rinker, an attorney representing McDonald's owner Meloney G. Karos, has not yet returned a call from Solon Patch.

The owner of the Solon McDonald's  in December to fight Solon City Council's 6-1 rejection of the proposal to build a new McDonald's at the busy corner of SOM Center and Aurora roads.

Rinker previously told Solon Patch that McDonald's hoped to cut a deal with the city. 
An attorney representing McDonald's owner Meloney G. Karos said they still hope to cut a deal with the city. 

"We always hope we can work something out with the city," he said.

Karos required a slew of zoning variances to build a new McDonald's at the site of the defunct Sunoco Station. After months of deliberation and stops-and-starts, city council turned down the proposal after midnight Dec. 7, following a marathon debate on the project's merits and shortcomings.

Many Solon residents have criticized the proposal. Some don't want a fast-food restaurant as a "centerpiece" in town. Many are worried about adding more traffic to an already congested intersection.

The existing McDonald's farther down Aurora Road is decades old and not up to modern standards – it lacks a drive-through, for instance.

David Schmader June 22, 2011 at 04:22 AM
The retail center of Solon of long ago, used to be on Bainbridge between Solon and S.O.M center roads. When Aurora road bypassed that, it shifted south to Aurora and S.O.M. It has now shifted north to 422 and S.O.M, where the traffic and more 'quality' retailers are along with the chain restaurants that the residents of Solon seem to like. This area would to be a more likely location for McDonald's. It would catch those going to and exiting from 422 and those who long for something less than the 'fine dining' of Applebee’s. Whatever the reason(s) for the lawsuit having been dropped- that is good news. Perhaps the franchisee has negotiated to purchase all of the surrounding properties, up to and including the car wash and Arby's in the hopes of creating a true centerpiece in 'downtown' Solon.
John June 22, 2011 at 05:10 PM
They should have invested in the larger Quinns lot instead of litigation. It's big enough, out of the way enough, they could have sailed through planning and it would have been built by now. Max & Ermas is another option if they want to be closer to the freeway. If people are really "loving it" they'll take the slight detour to get there and actually improve traffic flow by splitting SOM traffic across Solon Rd.
john george February 11, 2013 at 01:02 AM
Meloney Karos mcdonalds on rt 43 is being systemically neglected. its appearabce outside and inside are terrible if it was a Solon private residence the owner would be cited and repairs must be made, If not the homeowner gets a free trip to court and recieves a fine.. I have been going to Mcdonalds in the moning for many years. meoony karos should not be allowed to own a restraunt establishment. the restrooms are filthy. feces spread on the walls many times, and a urine soaked floor daily. all the plumbing fixtures need repair or replacement. all of the windows in that restaurant are disgustingly dirty. I was eating a steak egg and cheese bagel 1 morning and watching the morning news. A huge cockroach like bug called a silverfish or thousand legger crawled down the wall to the floor and crawled right to my feet, those are disgusting creatures and are associated with filthy conditions, i jumped out of my chair and didnt know what to do or say, so i grabbed a serving tray and smashed it.
john george February 11, 2013 at 01:09 AM
CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT: The parking lot this winter and also last winter is unplowed most of the time and entrance walks are snow and ice covered. The heat is non existant in there in fact I think it just circulates the warm air from the kitchen for heat. i am an older gentleman and it gets so cold in there my feet hurt and my fingers cramp up. And its not just me, everyone that is there experiences the same things and all wear coats during our breakfast. The city, county, and state health department should be notified about the conditions there.
john george February 11, 2013 at 01:10 AM
Is it the pay scale why nothing is done there? or does Meloney Karos just hire the worst of the laziest.. There are only 2 people there that work hard and care about maintenance, and cleanliness 1 is a young manager named brittney. she is the hardest working person, she does it all. she tries to wash the windows, ive also seen her mop at the same time doing orders and cashier. She is truly an asset to mcdonalds corporation, but I believe used by Meloney Karos. She is fiendly to every person that comes in there and attentive to the needs of all. The other extremmely hard working person, and i dont know his name, is an older black gentleman he does it all there as time permits, and is as friendly and caring as brittney. CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT: Meloney Karos... If you believe the way to get what you want with the city is to neglect YOUR business and YOUR CUSTOMERS you are sadly mistaken. Solon is a tight community city officials visit there occasionally and people talk, and talk like I am now..........................
john george March 09, 2013 at 11:19 AM
Meloney karos. The time is now 6:10 am. A gentleman brought a thermometer to check the temperature inside YOUR restaurant. Currently it reads 56 degrees Fahrenheit. You are a terrible hostess and a poor representative of MCDONALDS CORPORATION. If this temperature is acceptable to you, set your homes temp at the same, then you have the right keep freezing your patrons out of your restaurant. Are you that cheap? How many employees have you or will you lose because of your FRUGALITY?
john george March 15, 2013 at 10:28 AM
The city of solon and Ms Karos today is Friday, 3-15-13, 6:00 am. The male restroom was flooded and the water ran into the dining area This morning. The toilet was backed up. Aren't there city codes or maybe even state codes stating that all restrooms in a dining establishment must have a floor drain. So as to let maintenance quickly spray and disinfect the 1 area and not contaminate any adjoining dining area. I am sickened knowing all the bacteria that washed into the dining area from feces and urine.. I hope the city and Mrs Karol take notice of this post. And both do the job they are supposed to do.


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