City Council Balks About GetGo Bollards

Bollards designed to keep cars from crashing through the gas station got the thumbs down from Solon City Council members, who don't like the look of them.

Giant Eagle generally installs bollards to protect their GetGo gas stations from cars crashing into the building.

But most Solon City Council members don't want bollards -- essentially 4-foot-tall metal posts designed to stop traffic -- at the new GetGo at Solon Village because they aren't attractive.

The bollards for the project were discussed at Wednesday's City Council meeting.

Councilman Bill Russo said he wasn't really in favor of having a GetGo gas station in that location in the first place, and doesn't want to detract from the overall quality of the development.

"This is really the city’s first opportunity to do a really nice development and I think the bollards really detract from it," said Councilman Bill Russo. "I really want to make sure that this development goes through, but that it looks as attractive as what we promised the residents it would be."

Council members said they wanted Giant Eagle officials to come up with some alternatives, including planters or more decorative bollards that won't be an eyesore.

Pat Avolio, director of real estate development for Giant Eagle, said they will come up with options and sit down with the planning department to discuss them.


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