Because of Market District Giant Eagle, City Increases Developer's Grant Award

Echo Solon will now receive a grant of up to $200,000 for building a high-end Giant Eagle Market District store at the plaza.

Echo Solon will now receive $200,000 grant from the city for redeveloping Solar Center into the new Solon Village shopping plaza.

The city had already agreed to pay the developer up to $140,000 for its $16.9 million investment at the plaza.

But with the news that the new will now be a high-end Market District store, the city decided to increase the grant to $200,000. Under the revised agreement, the grant would be paid in a three-year period, with $50,000 each in the first and second year and $100,000 in the third year.

City Council members praised Echo Solon for their hard work on the project, and are pleased to bring the Cleveland area its first Market District store.

"I've gotten a ton of comments that residents are so impressed about the amount of work done in a short period of time," said Vice Mayor Ed Kraus. "These guys mean business."


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