Anthony Fossaceca After Defeat: 'I Do Not Intend To Go Away'

Anthony Fossaceca, who was defeated by Rep. Marlene Anielski for the 6th Ohio House District seat, thanked supporters and says he will be back.

Anthony Fossaceca, who was defeated by Rep. Marlene Anielski for the 6th Ohio House District seat, thanked supporters and says he will be back.

Anielski, the incumbent Republican, collected 32,594 votes against Democratic challenger Fossaceca, who collected 26,112 votes, according to unofficial results.

But Fossaceca was the pick in Solon, where he collected more votes than Anielski.

In a message posted on his campaign's Facebook page, Fossaceca said he is proud of the campaign he ran.

He said he was excited to win Solon that he won the vote in Solon, the largest city in the district, and Lyndhurst, where he grew up.

Here is what Fossaceca posted on Facebook:

Twenty months ago, we entered a race for State Representative, in a district that had not yet been drawn, in a corner of Cuyahoga County that been held by Republicans for two decades. Fearlessly, we set out to win the old fashioned way - through hard work and lots and lots of doors.

This Tuesday, while our efforts were not rewarded with victory, we had much to celebrate. The campaign we set out to run was certainly noticed. Our 44.5% total was the most by a Democratic candidate in the core of the current district since 2004 and the second highest total since before Bill Clinton was President. We won the largest city in the district (Solon), and not only won the town I grew up in (Lyndhurst), but exceeded our vote goals there. Both of those cities went for our opponent in 2010.

This week, we secured over 26,000 votes as a result of almost two years of hard work and sheer determination. During this long campaign, I knocked on almost 14,000 doors and wore out one American-made pair of sneakers (along with a pair of winter boots). You, along with over a hundred other volunteers, helped us reach tens of thousands of voters by phone, canvassing, parades and festivals, and word-of-mouth. We were also able to reach voters through our marketing because of your generous financial support. This was truly a team effort, and one Sherri and I will always be grateful for.

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll be spending more time with my family, tending to the growing list of household projects, continue growing our small business, and will try my best to not miss any more meals. I'll also begin focusing more attention on 2013 and helping elect great progressive candidates to local city council and school board seats - especially women, who are underrepresented in elective office.

As for the long term future, I think it's safe to say the fire that ignited our campaign will not be extinguished by the winds of defeat. I do not intend to go away, but will let time and reflection determine what role I can play in helping shape the change I wish to see in our state and nation.

I'm proud of the race we ran and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.


Anthony Fossaceca November 08, 2012 at 05:37 PM
I hope readers take a moment to read my whole letter and put the headline in perspective. I laughed when I read it this morning as it sounds a little "stalkerish" or defiant. My point was only to say I'm not walking away from politics or policy. I enjoyed the interaction I had with voters this year and wish more candidates would take the time to do it. The best ideas and observations were the ones I had at the doors of the 6th District.


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