Anielski Vs. Fossaceca: Ohio House Candidates Set To Debate

Rep. Marlene Anielski and Anthony Fossaceca will debate the issues at Solon High School on Thursday night.

UPDATE: The start time for the debate has been changed to 6:30 p.m.


Rep. Marlene Anielski and Anthony Fossaceca, candidates for the Sixth Ohio House District seat, will debate the issues Thursday at Solon High School.

The debate is being hosted by the SHS Junior State of America Club. It's scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m in the high school Lecture Hall at 33600 Inwood Road, is free and open to the public.

Henry Gomez, Cleveland Plain Dealer political reporter, will serve as moderator. 

Solon High School’s Junior State of America (JSA) is hosting this debate as part of its mission to promote political awareness and education in a non-partisan fashion to members of the school and the community. 

In the past, Solon High School’s JSA has conducted voter registration drives, invited guest speakers, and hosted a 2009 Solon mayoral debate.

Constituents of the 6th district may submit questions to solonjuniorstate@gmail.com.  All questions must be submitted by September 29. Due to time limitations, not all questions submitted will be posed to the candidates.

Bobbi Sommer October 01, 2012 at 12:47 PM
This is an important debate. No one has worked harder in Columbus for the citizens in this area than Marlene Anielski and people need to hear directly from her how her two years experience has prepared her to do even more in her 2nd term. She saved the Solon schools (and others( from losing a great deal of State funding and knows how to work with both Republicans and Democrats to get things done. No freshman rep has accomplished more and she deserves a second term.
Joe Bialek October 02, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Nov. 6 is a very important election for many reasons, however I would like to take this opportunity to explain one of the most important votes we cast is the one for our State of Ohio Representative. Before you vote, please take into consideration that the incumbent voted on bills that effectively increased our local taxes. For example her “yes” vote to reduce school funding 20 percent across the board stuck local taxpayers with the bill when in the March 2012 election we had to vote an increase in our school taxes. Another example is her “yes” vote on the budget bill that reduced the Local Government Fund for every community in Ohio. The direct result of that vote in Chagrin Falls is that Village Council is asking voters for more taxes on Nov. 6 so among other things they can fill potholes in the roads.
Joe Bialek October 02, 2012 at 09:33 PM
So you see, it very much matters who our representative is in the Statehouse, and it is a clear example of why all politics are local. The votes of the incumbent have directly affected all taxpayer’s in the district, and not for the better. It is very disheartening to have a state representative vote against the best interests of the people she directly represents. Her voting record along party lines indicates that she is a mostly a cookie-cutter representative who seems more comfortable shaking hands and handing out award certificates than she is in fighting for her district. I believe that these issues make a strong case for her to not be re-elected. Early by-mail voting is underway and begins in earnest Oct. 1. Whether you vote by mail or at the polls, please look down the ballot and watch for the name Anthony Fossaceca. Foss will bring a fresh, thoughtful and informed voice to the Statehouse. As a small business owner and dad, Foss is highly focused on small business and education. He offers an in-depth storehouse of creative and common sense approaches to many issues. His handshake is firm and with a strong work ethic in place is well prepared to be an outstanding state representative for our district. Our district deserves better and deserves to have Anthony Fossaceca represent us in Columbus. Please vote for Foss Nov. 6! Diana Nazelli Chagrin Falls
Joe Bialek October 02, 2012 at 09:37 PM
This letter is in response to the letter "Fossaceca will bring thoughtful, informed voice to Statehouse" written by Diana Nazelli. In the twenty years that I've known "Foss" I have always been very impressed with his honesty, integrity and strong work ethic. He is a unusual candidate in that he is running for office in a time when this country is in such desperate need of statesmen. Ms. Nazelli "hit the nail right on the head" in describing what Anthony brings to the political table; he is all these qualities and more. Others who have worked with him would provide similar testimony as well. As for his opponent it appears she prefers to follow the "party line" when voting and therefore promotes "business as usual" at the Statehouse and we've all seen where that has led us to. Ohio's 6th District cannot continue along this precarious path but rather needs to "shift gears" and get back to what the founders intended for governmental and political leadership; that compromise on any given issue does not in any way suggest a compromise of character. Politics is not about the art {or science} of bringing the other person down. It is about working together towards the common goal of improving upon the quality of life for all citizens regardless of race, color, creed and political persuasion. It is for this reason that voters should choose Anthony "Foss" Fossaceca on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 because he will get the job done the right way.


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