St. Pat's Party: 'Small Percentage' Fought Back Against Police

"It is the first time in my memory where kids at this type of party actively fought back against the police, unfortunately," said Solon Police Chief Christopher Viland.

The in Solon last weekend shows that force was used to arrest two partygoers who resisted police.

"It is the first time in my memory where kids at this type of party actively fought back against the police, unfortunately," said Chief Christopher Viland in an e-mail. "And again, unfortunately with a small percentage of these kids force was used to arrest them."

Viland said the police have not received any complaints about its handling of the party. If the department does receive a complaint, Viland said it will be treated seriously.

"Any complaints that come in will be treated as seriously as any other incident or complaint made against an officer," he said.

Read the full report by clicking the PDF with this article.

The party at a large home at 5119 SOM Center Road on March 17 remains under investigation. So far, 31 people have been charged and 10 more have been referred to Solon's juvenile officers. Most of the charges are for underage drinking, but some were tagged with charges of drug abuse, resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Arrested and charged with resisting arrest, obstructing justice and drug abuse was Donald D. Williams II, 20, of Solon.

According to the police report:

We identified ourselves as police officers and shined our flashlight on the first suspect. The suspect turned away from us and fled on foot. The suspect was observed reaching into his front pocket and waist band. The male ran thru a briar patch, fell head first onto the ground, and was attempting to get back on his feet. The male was physically taken to the ground, ordered to stop resisting numerous times, but refused to comply with any commands. The male continued to resist, refused to place his hands behind his back, and kept reaching into his pants pocket and waistband area. The male was punched multiple times to his arms and thigh area until we were able to handcuffed him.

A 17-year-old, whose name was redacted from the report because he is a juvenile and not yet charged, also resisted arrest by fighting back, the report says. It reads:

______ ran from the police upon arrival and was later located outside the residence , on the front lawn, near the south wood line. Mr. ____ was walking away from the police. He was ordered to stop and to get on the ground. Mr. ____ partially went to the ground and began reaching into his waistband area. Mr. _____ was ordered to show his hands but refused. Mr. ____ was physically taken to the ground, hands placed behind his back, and a unopened can of beer was located in his right front pants pocket. He was stood up, was advised he was under arrest, and while attempting to handcuff him he resisted by pulling away and attempted to flee the scene. Mr. ____ was physically taken the ground and handcuffed. Mr. ____ stated he drank 3-4 beers, his breath registered .132 blood alcohol concentration on the portable breath analyzer.

All but three of the partygoers police rounded up are from Solon. The other three were from Avon Lake, Lorain and Glenwillow.

Elliot Ness March 23, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Don't Lorain and Avon have there own places to get drunk and stupid?
Tim Sutton March 23, 2012 at 03:23 PM
This is just another example of suburban police with nothing better to do then harass high school kids on a Saturday night. The police are here to "serve and protect" but instead they lead with force against these "big bad high school kids" out blowing off steam. Something, every officer will tell you they did when they were that age. The police used to be looked at as just another member of the community. Someone you could trust and count on. Now they hailed as the enemy by most citizens. They have too much power and too much time. When anyone tries to defend their position the judge will always rule in favor of these "suburban hall monitor" police. The truth is that people are getting more and more fed up. If things don't change quick there will be a revolution and uprising. I don't believe all police are bad but I grew up in Solon and know those police. They are a bunch of young guys who got picked on during high school and now can't wait to pick on the next generation. I feel sorry for anyone kid who has to grow up under the "iron fist" that has become the Solon police department. It is time someone takes away their little plastic badges and adorable little batons and hire some chemically balanced people to "serve and protect". The revolution is coming, mark my words.
Jay March 24, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Why was the suspect punched multiple times, when there was mulitple officers trying to arrest him? Seems a bit brutal considering the police are supposed to be trained to handle this type of situation without resorting to physical violence.
stuck in solon... March 25, 2012 at 03:09 AM
I really like your honesty in this post. I absolutely agree that the SPD have gotten way out of hand and definitely treated this party unprofessionally and blew it way out of proportion. The kids are not learning anything from what the SPD did... the SPD should be educating the kids, not imposing their "iron fist" and treating them like murderers. Seriously, no physical contact is needed here. Stupid SPD. I can't wait to get out of Solon and move to NYC (where I'm from) where the police actually care about solving real crimes and protecting citizens.


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