Solon Jail Revenue Up 64 Percent Over Last Year

The Solon jail report shows that the jail is bringing in much more revenue than it did last year.

The is making a lot more money this year than it did last year.

The latest monthly report from the jail, with data from July 2012, shows the jail brought it revenue of $153,021.87 as of the end of July.

That's a nearly 64 percent increase over the jail revenue , which was $93,414.85.

Expenses are also up, but not enough to offset the revenue gains. The year-to-date expenses are at about $60,000 this year, and about $41,000 last year.

Solon Police Chief Chris Viland has been pursing "cost-effective" ways to operate the jail since he took over as police chief last year. One way Viland is doing that is by increase revenue streams by bringing in more outside prisoners.

In July, Solon jail housed 72 prisoners for other police departments.

Solon already contracts with Shaker Heights, Bentleyville, Woodmere and Orange to house their prisioners. The city also has an .

Not many communities have a full-service jail. Others include Euclid and Bedford Heights. Solon's maximum daily jail capacity is 26 prisoners, Viland said.

Here's the full jail report for July 2012:


Number of bookings: 176
Total number of Solon arrests: 93
Felony Arrests:  7 (5 man, 2 woman)
Misdemeanor Arrests:  86
Highest Daily Population:  23 inmates Lowest Daily Population:  5 inmate Prisoner's Housed For Other Depts: 72 Average Length of Stay: 4.39 days


Prisoner Food: $5,014 Average Meal Cost: $4.02 Medical Services: $1,212 Operating Supplies: $1,055 Maintenance: $2,226






Housing Revenue: $20,490 Telephone Revenue: $220.85






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