Solicitor Arrested in Twinsburg Busted in Solon Days Later

The following information was provided by the Solon Police Department. An arrest does not mean a conviction.

Solon police cruiser. Credit: Mitch Cooper
Solon police cruiser. Credit: Mitch Cooper
An 18-year-old Georgia man was arrested for illegal soliciting in a Solon neighborhood only days after he was arrested for the same thing in Twinsburg.

Solon police were called to Cloverly Drive on Aug. 11 because a man was asking people for money, claiming it was for an organization called Graceful Hands. Police told him to leave when he said he didn't have a permit.

They were called to Morning Glory Circle hours later for a similar report with the same man, who ran from police when he saw the cruisers. He fled through several backyards but was caught after a short chase.

He was charged with soliciting without a permit and obstructing official business.

He was arrested in Twinsburg on Aug. 7 for the same thing, soliciting in a neighborhood without a license.

He was cited earlier in the day for soliciting without a license, according to police, so he was arrested for a second offense.

He was charged with soliciting after hours and soliciting without a license.


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