Romantically Scorned Solon Woman Charged With Keying Man's Car

The information in this report is from the Solon Police. An arrest does not mean a conviction.

A relationship not meant to be has left a Solon woman facing a criminal damaging charge and a man left with a damaged mini van.

According to , the man, a 54-year-old Bedford Heights resident, ran into a friend from long ago, a 53-year-old Solon woman, at the Annex Bar and Grille on Pettibone Road on Feb. 10.

The man, who described himself to police as a "performer", told the woman he wasn't interested in her romantically.

That's when, according to a statement from a witness, the woman went outside, found the man's 2011 Chrystler Town & Country and damaged the vehicle with her keys. The man, unaware, was playing pool inside.

The woman was arrested on Feb. 16 and charged with criminal damaging, a misdemeanor.

Elliot Ness February 23, 2012 at 10:22 PM
LOL...Anything go's in the Annex. What a fun spot with real people that mostly enjoy a good time. Great burgers to....
Robert Vasquez February 24, 2012 at 03:01 PM
No, the Annex is super sketch; it looks like a small house full of drunk maniancs


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