Problems Discovered With Solon Emergency Sirens; Fix In The Works

Solon Fire Chief Bill Shaw said that a resident helped discover a problem with the emergency siren system, and that officials are now fixing it.

Solon's emergency siren system designed to blare out over the city to alert residents of an emergency have not been working optimally, said Fire Chief Bill Shaw.

A Solon resident helped point out that the sirens were not working well. Shaw said investigations revelaed that because of upgrades to radios, the antennas on the siren towers were not performing as well as needed.

Shaw said it's an "intermittent" problem and that the siren in question did work properly this month.

Shaw said the city has 13 sirens spread out across the city and that the fix is to upgrade the antennas on the sirens. A rough estimate for fixing the problem is cost of about $5,000 to $7,000.

Shaw said that the testing procedures for the sirens are also being updated to make sure similar problems are caught in the future. He thanked the resident for coming forward when he discovered the issue.

"Safety in the community is not up to a particular department," Shaw said. "It’s really a team effort, and he embraced that."

The warning siren system is tested the first Saturday of each month at noon, according to the city website.


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