Prank Gone Wrong: Solon Teenagers Charged With Burglary

The following information was supplied by the Solon police department. It does not indicate a conviction

Solon police say three teenagers took a prank too far Sunday night, resulting in charges of felony burglary.

Arrested and charged in the case were Anthony M. Stames, 18, of Solon, and his two 17-year-old friends, both of Solon, whose cases are being handled in juvenile court. One 17-year-old is charged with burglary and Stames and the other teen are charged with complicity to commit burglary, an equally serious charge.

Police say three Solon teens were driving around near Arapaho Court in Heritage Estates Sunday night and doing the "ding dong ditch" game. One of the teens would hop out of the car and ring a home's doorbell and then run back to the car and drive off.

But then, according to the police report, the teenagers decided to look into open garages to see if they could find any beer.

A resident along the street called police at about 10 p.m. and said he saw people going through garages on the street. 


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