Police: Co-Worker's Music Drove Employee to Desperate, Illegal Measures

The information in this report is from the Solon Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Imagine sitting in your cubicle at work, and your co-worker is playing music on her wireless radio that you can't stand.

What would you do?

A technically saavy 32-year-old employee of Regency Technologies in Solon had a pretty ingenious solution -- except that it was illegal, according to .

According to a police report, Philip A. Brigido, of Warren, is accused of using jamming equipment to disrupt the company's wireless next, thereby preventing the woman's wireless radio from working.

But that's the least of Brigido's troubles. According to Solon Police, the investigation into the company's network troubles also led to the employee being accused for stealing computer components from his company.

The police report said that officers found $11,750 worth of stolen CPUS and memory in Brigido's possession. The report said that he was selling the items on the Internet for cash.

Brigido is charged with felony theft, disrupting public service and possessing criminal tools.


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