Police Chief: Bears Spotted In Solon Area, Here's What To Do If You See One

After a bear became stuck in a tree in Bedford Heights, Solon Police Chief Chris Viland provides information on what to do if you spot a bear.

Bears have been spotted in southeast Cuyahoga County, including Solon.

Residents should be vigilant and report when they see a bear, said Chief Chris Viland. However, bears aren't necessarily hazards. He said there won't be a police response unless the bear presents an imminent danger.

Viland said the best thing residents can do is make sure their children and animals are inside and safe. The bear will figure out the rest.

"The bears are smart enough to figure out how to find their way to go away," Viland said. "Unless you don't tree them by accident, they generally find their way out."

Viland was referring to a in Bedford Heights after authorities tried to capture it on Tuesday. The bear eventually scampered down, crossed the Interstate 271 and disappeared into the woods.

Viland said that residents should call the police station if they see a bear. This will allow the police and wildlife officials to track the bears' movement.

Viland said there are "a bunch" of juvenile bears moving through the area.

He said that wildlife officials with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources are pleased that bears are being spotted more often because it means efforts to replenish the population has been successful.

If you see a bear in Solon, call the Solon Police Department at 440-248-1234


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