Man Embarks on Spree of Drunken, Disorderly Conduct in Solon

In one night, 20-year-old man arrested and thrown in jail twice, and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of obstructing official business

A 20-year-old Akron man did not have a good trip to Solon to party with his family at their Maple Drive home, according to Solon Police.

It began with him getting too drunk, slapping his mom on the leg and then exchanging blows with his uncle in the driveway at about 8 p.m on March 5.

It wasn't over by 2 a.m. March 6, when he jumped off the home's second-story deck – with the house phone in his pocket – and ran through the woods to escape pursuing police officers.

It did end when police at the jail took him to the ground for threatening behavior, then strapped him in a restraining chair to cool down and sober up.

Along the way, the man was arrested and sent to jail twice. He was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of obstructing official business.

A good time began to unravel at about 8 p.m. March 5, when the man and an uncle exchanged blows in the driveway. According to the police report, the man wanted to head home to Akron, but his family wouldn't let him because he was too drunk.

According to the report, he started yelling and swearing, an uproar that culminated with him slapping his mother hard on the leg and yelling "See you later, Mom!"

At this point, his family was ready for him to leave. The man got in his truck, pulled into the driveway and began spinning his tires. The police were called, and the man came to blows with an uncle in the driveway.

He was arrested and taken to jail. While being transported, the man told the officer he would start a "(expletive) storm" in jail.

He blew a .214 on the breathalyzer.

Police say the man then bonded out of jail at 2 a.m. The bail bondsman dropped him off at the Maple Drive house so he could pick up his keys and leave.

He saw his grandfather, who wouldn't give him the keys because the man was still drunk.

The man responded by saying he would kill someone unless he got his keys.

The police were called again, and the man jumped off the deck and ran into the woods. Police pursued on foot and caught him near Solon Road.

Back in jail, the man told officers he would "get crazy and (mess) (stuff) up and told his family during a phone call if they didn't get him out of jail, he would punch a police officer.

According to the report, the man took a threatening stance towards the police, who told him three times to sit down. When the man wouldn't comply, the officers knocked him to the ground, cuffed him and put him in a restraint chair.


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