ParentsTalk: Explaining Bin Laden to Our Post-9/11 Kids

What do we tell our kids, many of whom weren't alive when the towers fell, about that fateful day?

We all remember where we were on Sept. 11, 2001.

Well, all of us except for the youngest children, who weren't alive when the world changed or were too young to understand the full impact of that grim day. Everything they know about 9/11 they've absorbed secondhand.

So when the news broke that , it brought all those 9/11 memories back.

How do we talk to our young kids about this day and about the notorious man responsible for these horrific attacks? An entirely new complication will be if the White House decides to release pictures of a dead bin Laden. Should we let our kids see it? Will they even be able to avoid seeing it in our media-saturated environment?


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