Chagrin Solon Sun Editorial: Should Karen Prasser Be Punished For Not Knowing the Rules?

The editor of the Chagrin Solon Sun opines that Solon leaders have a dilemma on their hands about the Solon Center for the Arts investigation.

The editor of the Chagrin Solon Sun says in an editorial that the Solon city leaders have a dilemma on their hands in how they handle an investigation into irregularities at the Solon Center for the Arts.

The editor writes:

Upon reviewing the documentation provided by the city, it would seem if Prasser was guilty of anything, it would be excessive naivete. There were many procedural errors she committed because she did not realize she was doing anything wrong. The question facing Solon officials as this investigation continues is to determine to what extent Prasser should be punished for these errors.

The newpaper editor goes on to ask that, if Prasser did not know the rules, why didn't city leaders teach her?

"If Prasser truly did not understand the procedures she was supposed to follow, should the city itself be culpable for not properly instructing her on the protocol beforehand?" the editor writes.


Anonymous December 08, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Karen lived and breathed the Solon center for the arts. It was her heart and soul. This entire situation is heartbreaking. This is such a shame knowing everything she has done to grow the center and bring art and culture to this city. The good she has done, in my opinion out weighs the mistakes made. This investigation seems like a bit of a witch hunt and a ridiculous waste of city resources. The ones who will truly be hurt in this situation are the students and performers of the center and the community that is enriched by all of the events and productions Karen put her blood, sweat and tears into developing. The punishment should fit the crime. This is certainly excessive in my opinion.


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