I've Hit My Limit

I have allowed the coarsness of this year's politics to invade my personal space.

There is a white jacket hanging in my closet. I’ve only worn it once. The night was cold and rainy. Starless. And I was at a school near 83rd and Quincy armed with a cell phone and a laptop. The back of the jacket said it all – Voting Rights Team. It was November 2, 2004. Election Day. I was at a polling station to make sure that no registered voter was prevented from casting a ballot. 

I encountered several instances of dirty tricks and voter intimidation that late afternoon and evening. I still have that jacket, eight years later, to serve as a permanent reminder to my children that we are all responsible to protect our American values. And a key value is the right of every citizen to vote. 

I’m no virgin. My first campaign was George McGovern’s in 1972 when I was only 17. But I have had enough. My envelope arrived in Saturday’s mail and my ballot will be completed and mailed before you read this post. 

I have allowed the coarseness of this year’s politics to invade my personal space. 

Molly Ivins referred to the last President as “Shrub”. We have a long tradition of skewering our politicians. It is part of our Freedom of Speech. It is a freedom that allows both Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart to earn a living. But our politicians, our leaders, used to know the difference between parody and reality. Not anymore. 

Maybe it was the Congressman calling the President a liar during the health care speech before a joint session of Congress. In the last few years night has become day and up, down. But the debates finished me. We had a guy who thought that he was still a CEO, and as usual, before he fired an underling, he questioned the guy’s manhood and tried to knock him down a peg. Of course, this time Mr. Romney is not the CEO. He is just the other party’s nominee. And the guy he was trying to belittle and fire was the President of the United States. 

I am an American. I don’t want anyone to think that they can kick sand in the face of our President. Mr. Obama stayed professional. Watching this at home, I was apoplectic. 

So let me end the mystery. Yes, I’m voting for Barack Obama. I’m neither proud nor excited about this, but he is, in my opinion, the better choice. I don’t know if Mr. Romney believes in anything other than his own power and entitlement. That could be dangerous. 

Disagree? OK. This is neither an endorsement nor a sales pitch. Make your own choice. I’ve already voted. 

Dedicated in memory of my friend Scott, a patriot who would have made a different choice but would have understood and respected my decision.

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stevie October 23, 2012 at 03:11 AM
ACORN was a canard put up by Fox News and right-wing shills.
French Swede October 23, 2012 at 11:59 AM
Google "ACORN voters" and see what comes up.
Jack Kelly October 24, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Oh, that's right -- because everything you find on the internet from a Google search is true. *rolleyes* The fact that you can not cite a link to prove the poster wrong speaks volumes. Don't bother now because anything you cite will not be based in fact. #Fail #frenchstooge
Curtis Weems October 24, 2012 at 01:13 PM
How ironical that Mr. Cunix would write an op-ed piece complaining about the “coarseness” of this year’s political discourse but at the end without any substantiation casts aspirations on Mitt Romney’s character and integrity when he said “I don’t know if Mr. Romney believes in anything other than his own power and entitlement.” So much for his selected outrage! He don’t seem to have the same outrage for the Obama campaign calling Romney a wife killer or Senator Reid claiming Romney cheated on his taxes in the “well of the senate” where he couldn’t be prosecuted for slander. If Mr. Cunix were objective he would have offered examples on both sides of his argument to reflect sincere outrage. As such, Mr. Cunix seems to have a “tribalism” mentality that goes along without real thinking. With regard to ACORN, it was founded by Wade Rathke, the 1970’s communistic radical, who has become “filthy rich” in the process. Mr. Cunix may be offended that Mr. Romney became wealthy through his business skills but money can also be made in social causes like ACORN just look at Obama and his friend Rathke for starters.
JByrd October 24, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Any news on Obama's "detailed plan" released less than 2 weeks before election? Doesn't appear to be posted online. Current online plan lacks details. However, says this "plan includes $2.50 in spending cuts for every dollar in revenue increases". Let me comment: Does anyone here have a sense of the total unfunded liabilities? Seriously, Peterson foundations says we need 60 trillion in bank today invested at treasuries rates to meet our liabilities and we have ZERO!!! "$2.50 in spending cuts for every dollar in revenue increases" sounds reasonable cut "spending cuts" are always vague (e.g., if we cut growth of spending for a program from 20% to 10%, is that a spending cut?) and we need much much larger long term spending reforms (long term entitlement reforms) to close the gab long term. I agree we need to raise revenues, but it's largely a spending problem long term. Huge problem that cannot be brushed aside any longer. Consider how easy it was for Greece, Spain and Italy to fund their debt just a few years ago? US treasuries yields low because of fear and fed actions. It's the new normal. We need real and true leadership on spending reforms that are transparent, verifiable and irreversible. Just read articles by Alice Rivlin (democrat), Bowles, etc. Think about the next generation, please.


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