Want Petco in Solon? Vote For Issue 89

Solon voters will decide Tuesday on Issue 89, a zoning amendment that would allow Petco to open at Uptown Solon.

The owners of Uptown Solon want to bring the pet chain Petco to Solon, but need approval from the city's voters first.

Solon's zoning code does not allow pet stores in shopping plazas and other retail-friendly areas.

Voters will decided Nov. 6 if they want to allow pet stores in the C-2 Zoning District. That would pave the way for Petco to open at Uptown Solon.

The owners of the center have put up a number of signs promoting Issue 89. If it passes it would allow Petco to open.

City planners can't find a good reason why they shoudn't be allowed.

Planning Director Rob Frankland said there is "no obvious planning rationale" for not allowing pet stores in the same zoning district that includes shopping centers, sit-down restaurants, banks and other office and retail uses.

Here is the ballot language:

Shall the Ordinance permitting pet stores in the C-2, "Restricted Commercial" zoning district within the City of Solon be approved?


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