Vote Clears Away Planning Process for Petco

Solon voters decision to allow pet stores in certain retail districts means Petco can move in to Uptown Solon without an intensive planning process.

Under Solon's old zoning code, Petco wasn't allowed to move into Uptown Solon.

But now that voters have amended the zoning code by passing Issue 89, Petco will be able to move into the shopping plaza as a permitted use, thereby clearing away any potentially time consuming planning processes, such as approval from the planning commission and city council.

Planning Director Rob Frankland said he does not yet know when Petco plans to move into the shopping center. The company will have to obtain building and occupancy permits before they can open.

Before the vote on Nov. 6, Solon's zoning code does not allow pet stores in shopping plazas and other retail-friendly areas zoned under the C-2 district, which is a "restricted commercial" setting that includes shopping plazas, sit-down restaurants, banks and other office and retail uses.

City planners couldn't find a good reason why they shoudn't be allowed and had no objections to the zoning amendment.


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